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The Explorers Festival

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The Explorers Festival has been held in Lodz in Poland since 1999.

Every year the festival hosts world-known alpinists, explorers, sportsmen, globetrotters and discoverers. There is also a review of films by the most famous film-makers, competitions, photo exhibitions and workshops.
Highly regarded and respected figures from all over the world are the festival guests. They share their passion to discover and explore the world.

We had the honour of playing host to Reinhold Messner, professor Bertrand Piccard, Sir Edmund Hillary, Sir Christian Bonington, Don Walsh, Martin Strel, Borge Ousland, Liv Arnesen, Fiona Thornewill. Michael Brown, Lynn Hill, Chris Sharma, Martin Strel, Kurt Albert, Diego Azubel, Norman Kent, among other outstanding figures.

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