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Selected Restaurants of Lodz

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Lodz with its wide array of eateries can be called an eating paradise. Most of them are situated in the heart of the city in Piotrkowska Street. It is here that one can enjoy a delicious meal in one of the elegant restaurants, pubs and cafes. The eateries have a lot to offer to both tourists and locals who, having spent a day walking along the city's liveliest street, long for a tasty and sumptuous meal. Lodz is home to a variety of restaurants which specialize either in Polish or in international cuisines, e.g. Italian, Chinese, Jewish, Mexican, Greek, French, etc.

Lodz boasts a lot of restaurants located in historical buildings, which contributes to their attractiveness and creates a unique ambience. A lot of them offer traditional Old Polish dishes based on recipes passed on from one generation of owners to another. Some have become so popular that they keep appearing in newly built commercial centres of Lodz, attracting tourists and locals alike.

The eateries of Lodz cater for every taste and pocket. Come and see for yourself!
Type: Old Polish and international cuisines
Location: Piotrkowska 77
Tel: (+48 42) 633 74 01
Opening hours: Monday – Saturday 12 a.m. till the last guest
Sunday 1 p.m. till the last guest

''Klub Spadkobiercow'', one of the most famous of all restaurants of Poznan, is situated in a historical building in the main street of the city. The restaurant consists of five rooms, each of which has a different decor. What is common to all the interiors is that they are styled in the 19th century mode. The beautifully ornamented ceilings, sculptures, mouldings and tiled stoves create a special ambience. All the rooms ( Mirror Room, Gold Room, Mauretanian Room, Club Room and Bar Room), beautifully renovated, are perfect for small meetings and large parties. The menu offers both Old Polish and international cuisines. The restaurant is popular with prominent public figures. Come to experience the 19th-century Lodz and taste traditional Polish dishes!

''Chlopskie Jadlo'' (Countryside Cuisine) Restaurant
Type: traditional Polish and Polish Countryside cuisine
Location: Traugutta 2
Tel: (+48 42) 632 43 23
Opening hours: 12 a.m. - 12 p.m.

''Chlopskie Jadlo'' is a chain of restaurants where one can enjoy a delicious original Polish dish served in a countryside-styled interior. The authentic decor, consisting of old fireplaces, wooden benches and stoves, is typical of a 19th-century peasant room. This creates a unique atmosphere which is a perfect match for the menu served in the ''Chlopskie Jadlo'' Restaurant. Each meal starts with a countryside cuisine appetizer: thick slices of countryside bread with lard. The traditional Polish dishes like hand-made ''pierogi'' (dumplings), bigos (stewed cabbage) and pork ribs taste delicious here. The Country Style Specialties are also on offer. It is here that one can have ''Angel's Wings'' or ''Bielucha White Soup''. Come to feel the taste and smell of traditional Polish dishes!

''Havana'' Pub & Restaurant
Type: Cuban cuisine
Location: Piotrkowska 55
Tel: (+48 42) 630 79 79
Opening hours: 12 a.m. till the last guest

Havana Restaurant is located on the upper floor of the two-level building. The menu consists of typical Cuban dishes which are famous for their unique tastes and aromatic flavours. It is here that one can taste ''tapas'',''frijoles negros'' (thick soup made of black Cuban beans) and bistec encebollado ( a large sirloin steak with pastry-baked onion and roasted tomatoes). Typical Cuban sauces and herbs make the dishes taste gorgeous. For those who are not fond of such exotic food, dishes like ''pork loin carpaccio'', grilled chicken breast, roasted duck in juniper sauce, etc. The lower floor is occupied by Havana Pub, which is famous for its Buena Vista Social Club ambience, where one can have an aromatic Cuban cigar or an exotic drink, one that Hemingway loved so much. From Wednesday till Saturday a band or a DJ plays mambo attracting crowds, thus, if planning to come on Friday or Saturday make a booking beforehand. Come and have the time of your life listening to Cuban rhythms and having a spicy Cuban meal!
Type: Jewish cuisine
Location: Pomorska 18
Tel: (+48 42) 632 04 11
Opening hours: 10 a.m. till the last guest

Cafe Tuwim, named after a prominent Polish poet of Jewish origin, is the only kosher restaurant in Lodz and it has been granted with the Kosherness Certificate. Both the decor and the menu are typical of the Jewish community. The interior looks like a pre-war Jewish room. It is here that one can enjoy a typical Jewish meal prepared on the basis of recipes passed down from generation to generation and listen to klezmer music. Drinks, deserts, alcoholic beverages are also on offer. The restaurant is a venue for performances, concerts and meetings promoting Jewish culture. Try a delicious kosher meal. You will love it at Cafe Tuwim!
Type: Chinese cuisine
Location: Tuwima 28
Tel: (+48 42) 630 67 85
Opening hours: Sunday – Thursday 12 a.m. - 11 p.m.
Friday – Saturday 12 a.m. - 12 p.m.

''Wielki Mur'' is a laureate in the local survey '' Lodz Recommends ...''. It is a Chinese restaurant which, apart from spicy Chinese meals, attracts its visitors with oriental interior. The Chinese sculptures and architecture create a welcoming atmosphere. The main hall, with typically Chinese decor, is able to seat as many as 100 diners. There are four more rooms for up to 28 people. The menu is varied. One can choose from refreshments (Shrimp and corn salad, Chinese pancakes, etc.), soups (Fish soup, Shrimp and sea-weed soup, etc.), pork (ribs in sweet-sour sauce, etc.), beef, chicken, veal duck, fish, shrimp and prawn dishes, seafood, desserts and vegetarian dishes. Well-served and tasty. If you are fond of spicy Chinese cuisine, come to ''Wielki Mur''!
Type: Italian cuisine
Location: Piotrkowska 60
Tel: (+48 42) 630 96 14
Opening hours: 12 a.m. - 11 p.m.

La Mia Denise is the ''most Italian'' of all the restaurants of Lodz which have Italian cuisine on their offer. Its owner and the chef comes from Neapol, thus, the food served is genuinely Italian, with no Polish modifications. The interior resembles a train with small compartments filled with a wooden table and chairs. Linen tablecloths, vases filled with flowers and other furnishings make it look like a typical Italian house. The menu is varied. The dishes are aromatic and tasty. The specialty of the house is pasta, of course, served as Italians do. Meat dishes, seafood and appetizers are delicious. Salads, with tomatoes and black olives, are equally tempting. The original Italian meal tastes best when accompanied with one of the 30 superb wine kinds. The live piano ragtime and jazz create an unrivalled atmosphere. Come and see for yourself!
Type: Old Polish cuisine
Location:Wigury 12 A
Tel:(+48 42) 637 30 81
Opening hours: 11 a.m.till the last guest

Soplicowo, with its 600-square-metre garden and 18th-century manor house interior has a welcoming atmosphere. The restaurant is named after the village of Soplicowo where the ''Sir Thaddeus'' , best-known national epic, was set. It is here that one can go back in time and taste traditional Old Polish cuisine. The chef's specialities include the traditional Polish soup made from fermented rye served in a butter bowl, sirloin in mushroom sauce, pork loin stuffed with goat cheese and bacon. The menu, with English and German names of dishes, consists of 12 chapters, just like ''Sir Thaddeus'' was written in 12 books of verse. The music is also part of the decor. It is the ''Sir Thaddeus'' soundtrack. Of the most prominent guests who have been to ''Soplicowo'' is David Lynch. The unrivalled atmosphere is something you must experience!
Type: Mexican cuisine
Location: Piotrkowska 67
Tel: (+48 42) 633 68 68
Opening hours: Sunday – Wednesday 11.30 a.m.- 2 a.m.
Thursday – Saturday 11.30 a.m. - 3 a.m.

Lodz is one of the three Polish cities where 'The Mexican'' restaurant chain is situated. The restaurant has a typical Mexican ''ambience'' feel with spicy Mexican dishes, live guitar music and western-related interior. Not only the inside but the outside garden, located in front of ''The Mexican'', with a fountain in the middle create a unique atmosphere as well. Waitresses clad in frilled skirts, showing their naked bellies, catch the diners' eyes. The food, served on plates none of which seems to have its twin, tastes delicious. The menu is long and full of spicy Mexican specialities. You can have a snack, a coffee, a business lunch or a dinner here. Come and see for yourself!
Type: Old Polish cuisine
Location: 11 Rewolucji 1905 Street
Tel:(+48 42) 632 19 54
Opening hours: Monady – Saturday 11 a.m. - the last guest
Sunday 1 p.m. - the last guest

''Raz na Wozie'' Inn Home is the first of the chain of restaurants which in their decor reflect the Old Polish history and traditions. Others are situated in the commercial centres of Lodz. The interior, rustic in each detail, resembles an old Polish inn, whereas the menu consists of Old Polish dishes, all of which are based on traditional Polish cuisine recipes. One can choose from a variety of tasty dishes, e.g. scrambled eggs with village sausage (for breakfast), traditional Polish soup made from fermented rye or cabbage soup, both served in a bread bowl, goulash with potato pancake, hand-made ''pierogi'' with various stuffings, etc. The list of beverages is also long. ''Raz Na Wozie'' has been awarded for their products by the Ministry of Agriculture. From Thursday to Sunday the restaurant floor is available to anyone who feels like dancing while listening to the 1960's - 1980's hits. Come here to taste the Old Polish cuisine and have the time of your life!
Type: International cuisine, seafood specialties
Location:Piotrkowska 92
Tel: (+48 42) 630 20 08
Opening hours: 12 a.m. - 11 p.m.

''Figaro'' is a cosy and charming restaurant located in the heart of Lodz, i.e. in Piotrkowska Street. It has always specialised in ''frutti di mare''. The restaurant still offers seafood-based meals but also the best and sophisticated dishes of French, Italian and Polish cuisines. One can choose from such delicacies as marinated salmon with hot toasts, snails with gorgonzola cheese, goose liver pate, trout a la Bordeaux cream, etc. ''Figaro'' also offers a wide variety of French and Italian wines. The restaurant consists of two rooms separated by a large fish-tank, which adds charm to this early-20th century-styled interior. Unique interior and sophisticated dishes are among the top advantages of the restaurant where one can it in style. An elegant and cosy place for dinner and a glass of wine!

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