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Boruta Zgierz Industrial Park

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The Commune City of Zgierz decided to set up Boruta Zgierz Industrial Park for the purpose of economic development in Zgierz. The Park is situated on the area of the former „ Boruta” Dye Industry Plant. This is one of the best industrial areas in Poland located 3 km of the A-2 motorway (currently being constructed) and roughly 15 km from the crossroads of the A-2 and the A-1 motorways. Furthermore, the Park is located near the planned western by-pass of £ódľ - the S-14 express road. Investors also have at their disposal side-tracks, which substantially facilitate local, national and international connections.

Advantages of the Boruta Zgierz Industrial Park investment

  • possibility of receiving a subsidy from the European Union up to 65% of the new investment value,
  • possibility of receiving up to 100% real estate tax relief,
  • low price of energy,
  • combined heating and power plant, industrial steam installations and large transformer stations,
  • supply of water, natural gas, energy,
  • promotion of the Industrial Park and its investors,
  • visual information for new investors,
  • ongoing construction and renovation of roads and infrastructure on the territory of the Park.

Who can invest in The Boruta Zgierz Industrial Park?

  • the Commune City of Zgierz,
  • business entities,
  • public utilities suppliers of energy, natural gas, water, waste disposal and telecommunications,
  • producers of electricity and thermal power.
Investors may also include entities, which have not yet entered the industrial park, particularly:
  • industrial chambers,
  • institutions and organizations financing environmental protection,
  • banks,
  • colleges and research institutes.



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