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Business Opportunities in the Lodzkie voivodship

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Lodz Voivodeship is a province of central Poland created January 1, 1999, out of the former £ód¼ voivodeship (1975-99) and the Sieradz, Piotrków Trybunalski, Skierniewice and part of the P³ock Voivodeships, pursuant to the 1998 Local Government Reorganization Act. The province's name recalls that of the region's largest city, £ód¼.

Attributes of the District
  • Strategic location in the middle of Poland - good road, rail and technical infrastructure makes it ideal for logistics, distribution centre development;
  • £ód¼, centrally located region's capital, is a strong economic and cultural centre;
  • Large deposits of brown coal - second largest in the country in terms of electric power production;
  • Significant scientific and research potential;
  • One of the highest rates of new private businesses per 1,000 inhabitants in the country;
  • Strong concentration of land and capital in the hands of individual farmers; well-developed animal husbandry, esp. dairy cattle;
  • Important resources of thermal waters for use in the power industry, health services and recreation.
Economic Potential
The main sectors of industry In the Dolno¶l±skie region are:
  • textile,
  • energy,
  • chemical,
  • electromechanical,
  • construction
  • textile,
According to official statistics of GUS (as of 30.09.2006 r.) In the Dolno¶l±skie region there are 242,057 entities of the national economy. From which 2,340 were set up with foreign capital.

Selected foreign investors, who have invested above $1 million in Poland, in the region:

BSN Gervais Danone
food processing
glass manufacturing
Steijn Design
pulp and paper
machinery and equipment
chemicals and chemical products
other non-metal goods
LG Group
Sud Wolle
fabrics and textiles
other non-metal goods
white goods
Bosch – Siemens Hausgerate
white goods
Gilette Company
white goods

Local job market

According to official statistics of GUS the average employment in the enterprise sector from I to III quarter of 2006 amounted to 276,394 people.

Regional employment amounted to:
  • in manufacturing industry: 167,018 people
  • in building and construction: 16,664 people
  • in business and repairs: 42,214 people
  • in Real estate and business: 27,994 people
  • in hotels and catering: 3,751 people
According to given data the average gross monthly pay within the term of the first three quarters of 2006 amounted to:
  • in manufacturing industry: 2,243.47 PLN
  • in building and construction: 2,080.76 PLN
The unemployment rate in the region (as of 30.12.2006 r.) is at the level of 15.3 %, which represents 167.3 thousand registered unemployed.

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Map of Lodz

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