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Getting Around Lodz

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During the last few years the number of cars in most Polish cities has increased considerably. Consequently, the streets become jammed during the peak hours. At that time of the day the best way of moving around Lodz is going on foot, using public transport (especially a tram) or going by bike. If travelling along the city's Piotrkowska Street, take a riskshaw or a trambus.

By trambus

One of the best ways of travelling around Lodz, especially along the city's most famous Piotrkowska Street, is by trambus (A line). This unique means of transportation is a replica of the Herbrand historic tram with bus wheels. It is very popular with tourists and locals alike. During the journey one can learn about Lodz and listen to some anecdotes from the city history. There are seven stops on the way of the trambus running from Liberty Square (Plac Wolnosci) to Pilsudskiego Avenue (Aleja Pilsudskiego), the most representative part of Piotrkowska Street. The journey takes about 25 minutes. The standard public transport tickets are used. The trambus runs throughout the week.

By rickshaw

If travelling along the city's longest Piotrkowska Street, the best idea is to take a rickshaw. It is fast and cheap. The rickshaw is not only a tourist attraction, but it is a means of transport popular with the locals of Lodz. The rickshaw is available every day (from 8 a.m. till late at night) all year round. A single ride costs PLN 2.50.

By tram

Trams are the most popular means of transport. There are 15 city, 3 suburban and 1 regional tram lines (from Zgierz to Pabianice) in Lodz. The trams are modern. The latest project, launched on July 7th, 2007, is the Lodz Regional Tram (Lodzki Tramwaj Regionalny) – a fast train connecting Lodz with Zgierz (from the north) and Ksawerow with Pabianice (from the south). One of the routes is 43 km long, which makes it the longest one in Poland and in Europe. Because of the LRT construction works, the numbers of tram routes have been changed starting from July 7, 2007.

Apart from the regular tram lines, numbered from 1 to 15, there are three lines (suburban ones) numbered 43, 43 bis and 46. There is also ''0'' holiday tram route which runs only during the holiday season.

By bus

Public buses offer quite frequent transport services not only in the centre of Lodz but in its districts as well. Currently, there are as many as 72 daily and 8 night bus lines.

Their routes can be distinguished by their numbers. The regular daily buses are numbered from 50 to 99, whereas the night buses are numbered from N1 to N7.

There are also three bus lines on offer which go to/from Lodz Wladyslaw Reymont Airport. These are No. 55, No. 65 and L bus lines.
The L line operates from the Airport to the PKP Fabryczna Railway Station.
The journey takes up to about 20 minutes. The frequency varies depending on a day of the week.

For the timetables and routes see:

Each bus stop displays the routes, the timetables and the duration of the journey from one stop to another. Frequency varies depending on the time of day (more frequent during the rush hours) and the day of the week (less frequent at weekends, during summer and public holidays).

Public transport means are usually packed during the rush hours so BEWARE of PICKPOCKETS!

Bus & tram tickets

Both buses and trams use the same tickets issued by the MPK (Public Transportation Company) in Lodz. They can be purchased from the Ruch newsagents, newspaper stands, some groceries, post offices, ticket vending machines, etc. There two type of tickets: time and period tickets.

A TIME TICKET is valid for a specified period of time. One can get a tram ticket valid for 10 or 30 minutes. A few tickets can be used on a single journey making it possible to travel for 60 or 120 minutes. The idea is to buy it prior to boarding a tram/bus and validate it in the ticket validator once you are on board. After inserting the ticket into the validator slot, the tram/bus ride start time is being printed on the ticket. The ticket is valid once it is validated for the period stated on the face value of the ticket.

If you are planning to stay in Lodz for long, getting a PERIOD ticket valid for 24 hours, 14 days or 30 days seems the best solution.

One does NOT need to get another ticket while changing trams/buses provided the journey time does not exceed the time limit stated on the ticket!

There are full fare (''N'' – the letter stands for ''Normalny'') and half fare (''U'' – the letter stands for ''Ulgowy'') tickets. There are also family and group tickets on offer.

NOTE: On boarding a tram/bus, remember to validate your ticket in the ticket validator. Otherwise, you might be fined.

Extra tickets (equal to full fare) are needed while carrying a bag (whose volume exceeds 50 cubic decimetres) or an animal (unless the dog is held on the lap). If travelling with a kid up to 4 years of age, no ticket for the child or the pram is needed.

Driving a car in Lodz

There are a lot of car rental, both local and world-famous ones, in Lodz. Here comes a list of websites of selected car rentals which offer their services in Lodz:
No matter if you are driving your own car or one from a car rental, always drive carefully and beware of potholes. If possible, avoid the peak-hour traffic (i.e. between 7 a.m. – 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. – 7 p.m).

Poland has a poorly developed infrastructure of roads whose quality is a far cry from Western European standards. Fortunately, thanks to the inflow of European Union funds the situation has been improving and by 2009 Poznan and other major Polish cities like Wroclaw, Lodz, Cracow, Katowice and Warsaw will have an expressway built which will connect them with the expressway network of Western Europe.

Lodz has an A2 motorway connecting the city with Poznan and Swiecko (Polish-German border). Its further section via Warsaw going east as far as the Polish-Belarusian border (Kukuryki) is to be built by 2013.

The condition of the roads leaves a lot to be desired. Thus, beware of potholes !

Traffic regulations

Drive carefully and follow the traffic regulations. The speed limit in the built-up area is 50 km/h between 5 a.m. – 11 p.m. and 60 km/h between 11 p.m. – 5 a.m., whereas on the motorway you may drive at a maximum speed of 130 km/hour.

Starting from April 17, 2007 all drivers must drive with their dimmed headlights night and day throughout the year!

Parking rules

Park your car in the car parks. Otherwise, your car may be towed away to a police car park or it can be wheel-clamped. You might also find a parking ticket under the windscreen wiper for parking with no valid parking pass.

All over the city, especially in the centre of Lodz, there are pay parking zones (Strefy Platnego Parkowania, SPP for short) marked with special signs. Except for public transport and privileged vehicles, one is obliged to pay for parking their car in the SPP zones from Monday till Saturday (from 8 a.m. till 6 p.m.). One needs to get a parking permit from the people guarding the car parks. If one does not pay for parking within the SPP zones, they will be fined.

Having purchased the pass, display the parking receipt on the dashboard so that the ticket wardens can see it while inspecting the car park.

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Map of Lodz

Map of Lodz

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