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Touring Industrial Lodz

The history of Lodz is closely related to the development of the textile industry. The origins of Lodz as an industrial city can be traced to the year 1820 . It was that that Rajmund Rembielinski put forward an idea of establishing a clothiers' settlement in Lodz. Hence, upon the state [...]

What to See Walking along Piotrkowska Street

The main attraction of Piotrkowska Street, the most elegant street of Lodz, is its varied architecture. The street is lined with beautiful monumental palaces and townhouses, most of which used to belong to the owners of textile factories of 19th -century Lodz. Recently renovated, the buildings have become historical monuments.Most of [...]

Lodz Ghetto

Before the outbreak of World War II, Lodz had the second largest community of Jews in Europe. They constituted over one third of the city's population. Within seven days of the Nazis' attack on Poland, Lodz became occupied and the persecution of 230, 000 Jews started. They were randomly beaten and [...]

Things to do in Lodz

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Map of Lodz

Map of Lodz

Lodz Map | Map of Lodz Poland

Plan your trip with our interactive Lodz Map section. Major routes through and around Lodz city.

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